Airlines definitely needs to have a reliable crew roster system which supports its performance in the industry.

Our Crew Roster System help Airlines to manage the crew wisely and hence overcome the current problem and provides best service towards to achieve a good standard in crew management.

Crew Roster System enables to drive out inefficiencies in crew planning and scheduling processes, while maintaining your crew's quality of life.

Implemented in Yeti Airlines & Tara Air

Crew Roster Process

Crew Roster Process

Detail Features Of Crew Roster System

  • Company/Airline - Company Code, Company Name

  • Flight Type - Type, Name, Short Name, Report Time, Post Duty Time

  • Model - Name, Single Engine, Wing Type(Fixed Wing or Rotary Wing)

  • Aircraft with Data Parameters

  • City Setup with Name, GMT, Country

  • Airport Setup

  • Delay Category - Name, Delay Type

  • Delay Details

  • Crew Type - Crew Type Code, Crew Type Title

  • Crew Member - Basic Data Entry

  • Address Details

  • Passport Details

  • Certificate Type - Certificate Type Code, Certificate Type Title

  • Certificate

  • Training Details

  • Training Requirement

  • Flight Rule Setup

  • Leave

  • CV – Education, Language, Course

  • Rank

  • Work Permit

  • Crew Flying Record

  • Document

  • Crew Training Rule Setup

  • Crew Medical Rule Setup  

  • Flight Rule Setup

  • Training Expiry Notification Reminder  

  • Medical Test Notification Reminder

  • Crew Roster Settings

  • Crew Pairing Setup

  • Crew Availability

  • Manual Roster as per the rule setup or specified criteria

  • Auto Roster as per the rule setup or specified criteria

  • List Crew Roster & Search By Date, Group, Crew

  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly Crew Roster

  • Flight Details

  • List Flight Details & Search By : Date, Flight No, Aircraft Type, Flight Type

  • Cancel & Diverted Provision

  • Add/Modify Aircraft Serviceability Detail

  • List Aircraft Serviceability

  • Add/Modify Tech Log Data with data parameters

  • Crew Training Document

  • Crew Monthly Report

  • Crew FDT/FT Status Report

  • Crew Duty Status Report

  • Crew Monthly Schedule Report

  • Crew Duty Log Report

  • Aircraft Wise Fuel Report

  • Sector Based Report

  • Crew Roster Report

  • Techlog Report

  • Diversion Report