The AMS DMS is the Document Management System with messaging and tasking facilities. It is designed to be very user friendly. It provides easy management of Documents. It can also be used as e-library system. It provides messaging system with facility of two different types of Message. Read and Sign message is useful to track who have read message and who have not where as Notify Message can be used to notify users. It also comes with task assignment facility which can be used to assign tasks and manage them.

marvin meyer SYTO3xs06fU unsplash 1Implemented in Yeti Airlines


  1. Company Site Settings
  2. Role Management
  3. User Management
  4. Messaging
  • Two different approaches of messaging: "Read & sign" and "Notify" messages.
  • Provision to compose message.
  • Message/Communication among users are tracked
  • Each User has his/her own INBOX & OUTBOX
  1. Task
  • Assign tasks to the users
  • Remarks/Comment for the task by assigned user
  • Provision to send email to relevant users when task is updated or Remark or status is updated.
  • User-wise View Task List & Activities carried out for each task
  1. Document Management
  • Create/Modify Root Document Pages, Categories, Sub Category
  • Provision to Add Document, Add Sub Title, Add Link, Edit & Order.
  • Provision to send email on addition and modification of documents