cova software yGg45DgysfQ unsplash 1 1Our Sales & Inventory System is a Web based Centralized System designed to solve a variety of operational and record-keeping headaches which keeps track of your inventory so that you can focus much on growing your business and increasing your sales.


The Software ensures to help in your business decisions with real-time reports that identify selling products, sales history and other transactional reports.


Main Features

  • Centralized Inventory System
  • Store Setup
  • Supplier Management
  • Management of Categories and Products
  • Management of Purchasing Products With Batch Information
  • Searching Products according to Supplier
  • Track Inventory Level
  • Track Transaction History
  • Reorder Stock Level
  • User Management
  • Purchase Return and Sales Return Facility
  • Reports
    • Purchase Reports
    • Sales Reports
    • Periodic Reports for all Inventory Transactions
    • Export Report to Excel and PDF