Our Demat Account Automation System is the Offa02424 6219 4d20 8938 1d2cf4f7d8f5nline Demat Account Software product for the Licensed Depository Participants (DPs) of Nepal. Our Product supports DPs in their overall work process with systematic automation for following tasks resulting in ease for both organization and the customer.

Major Features

  • Apply for Demat Account Opening for Customer
  • Enable easy online Payment on Account Opening
  • Apply for Demat Account Opening by Bank Branches
  • Customer Data Verification by Merchant Capital
  • Instant Bulk Demat Account Opening
  • Pending Demat Account AMC Due and Notification
  • Renew Demat Account and Meroshare
  • Demat AMC Query
  • Customer can pay online for Demat AMC or Meroshare (via E-Sewa, Khalti and other Payment Service Provider) and instant update on the System.
  • Renewal Notification via Email